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Do you struggle to get good pictures or snapshots of your kids?  Stay tuned to my blog for tips in the “Take Better Pictures of Your Kids” series.

Today’s tip:

Get down!

Yes, you heard me!  Get down on their level.  Not only will they appreciate seeing you eye to eye, they will probably give you some interesting expressions and some smiles too.  The viewer of your image also senses that connection with your child because the picture is taken at an angle that allows the viewer to look directly at him or her, rather than looking ‘down’ at them.

So get down on your knees, lie down on your belly and capture those great moments with your kids:)


Take Better Pictures of your kids

Take Better Pictures of Your Kids | Get down to eye level!


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September 22, 2013 - 6:33 pm

Christina - I just subscribed to your blog, such beautiful work.

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