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Today’s Tip:

Remove Distractions.  Or don’t.  But be deliberate.

When looking through the viewfinder of your camera, what do you see?  A garbage can?  The dog – photo bombing your otherwise perfect shot?  The pile of laundry you still need to do tonight? Make note of what you see though the lens of your camera.  Ask yourself: is it part of the story you are trying to tell?  If not, change your angle or quickly remove the distraction.  Sometimes that big pile of laundry WILL be part of the story you are trying to tell.  (Like that crazy day where the kids were home sick, you were trying to get some work done AND the phone kept ringing).  Remember, sometimes the best photographs are the ones with all the clutter!  You want to leave some notable elements in the frame.  When you look at photos from your childhood, aren’t you comforted by the tacky dog painting on the wall in the living room?  So consider occasionally leaving identifying elements in the frame.  So that your kids can be comforted and reminded of their favorite childhood memories.  But either way, make note of what you are trying to say and be deliberate.

Check out my Kids Were Here series for some examples of “not perfect” scenes:)

Take Better Pictures of Your Kids! Minot ND Photographer

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