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    You know that experience you have when you check into a small boutique hotel? Like you are the only customer they have. Modern and stylish amenities with a quality classic feel. That's me. I am a boutique portrait and lifestyle photographer. I typically take on limited clients per month. This way I can focus on you and your unique vision.

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2014 Valentines Day Mini’s | Minot Family Photographer

Limited spots now open for Valentine’s Day minis!  Book now to reserve yours!

Jan 25th – 4 spots available

Feb 2nd – 3 spots available

I also have 2 weekday evening spots left as well.

$125 for 3 digitals and 25 Valentine’s day cards to send to family or to use for classmate exchange. (Or substitute for prints).

Brand new custom made unique backdrop!  (Or can choose the one below as well).

Valentines Day mini sessions, minot photographer, photographer in minot

Holiday Mini Session with the {S} Family| Minot Family Photographer

I loved my mini sessions this year.  I didn’t take on too many, as I didn’t want to rush everyone through a short session or use the same location over and over, and I’m happy I did that.  Some wonderful memories were captured for families this year and this session was no exception.  An original location and some fun pictures to show for it!

I found this Minot location for the {S} family and it was perfect.  Their son loves trains and the Soo line has special meaning.  Their fur-baby also joined in on the fun!

Minot Family Photographer, Minot Child Photographer, Christmas Mini Sessions

Letter to My Children | December 2013

Dear Children,

As this year winds to a close, I want to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of all you have accomplished this year.  My Dear Daughter: you have grown so much into a loving, kind and funny person.  I especially enjoy watching you with your little brother.  You look after him, you comfort him when he’s hurt and you laugh with him when he’s being funny.  He looks up to you – often asking you for something or showing you something he is proud of, before he even tells mommy 😉  You are getting so smart too, you often remember things from long ago – what you were wearing 2 years ago when you went shopping with grandma, or what you had to eat last month when we went to Applebees.  You like to use big words too, and most of the time you are using them correctly!  You told me last week that when  I got mad at you for eating candy before dinner that I was being ‘inappropriate’.  HAHA!

Some recent faves of yours:  ice fishing:) Daddy and Grandpa Al took you on Devils Lake in an icehouse during Christmas and you sat and fished all day!  You love My Little Pony, Frozen and Power Rangers!  Although I am considering putting the kibosh on the Power Rangers, because I am getting tired of seeing karate chop moves all day long from you and your brother. 😉

And my Dear Son: you are still so little – but you want to be big.  “Big like mommy” you say, but really, you should not aspire to that since I am only 4′ 11” 😉  Oh how I wish you would stay like this forever.  But you will be 3 soon and you talk about it often.  You can’t wait to respond with that big number when people ask how old you are – you are getting tired of saying “TWO!”  You love cars and playing with anything truck, plane or tractor.  So Christmas presents were easy for you this year.   You were in gymnastics this year and you really loved the trampoline, and the bars.  You got bored of the balance beam pretty quickly.  I think we are going to try you in something different this coming year.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for both of you.  I am so lucky to have you in my life, I look forward to seeing you grow even more.

Love always,



For the last letters in our 2013 series of Letters to our Children, check out my friend Melanie’s post here.




January 6, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Letter to my Daughters – December | Kim Eales Photography - […] the next blog in our Letters to our Children circle, please head over to Nicole’s blog for some more gorgeous photos and […]

Christmas Mini’s | Fun in the Snow with the {K} Family | Minot Family Photographer

This Minot family came prepared for fun. They had a few ideas of what they wanted out of this session and I enjoyed capturing it for them. Let’s just say snowball fights, dog piles and the Beatles were all part of this special session:)


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