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    {Nicole Herda - Portrait Photographer, Minot, ND}

    ~ I am currently on hiatus and not accepting new clients. Please continue to check back for here for blog updates! ~

    You know that experience you have when you check into a small boutique hotel? Like you are the only customer they have. Modern and stylish amenities with a quality classic feel. That's me. I am a boutique portrait and lifestyle photographer. I typically take on limited clients per month. This way I can focus on you and your unique vision.

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Window Light is Dreamy

I just love natural light.  We have a sunroom off our kitchen area that gets great diffused light from the north, east and west. My favorite place to take pictures of my kids.  :)

Welcome! My Journey into Photography

I am taking the plunge into the photography world (again)!  I am greatly enjoying my reincarnated hobby, documenting the life of my 2 children.  I’ve always loved taking pictures.  I started out years ago on film, a 35mm Minolta camera, then a Nikon 35mm. I got my first official DSLR in 2009, a Canon Rebel.  A year ago I got a 50mm 1.8 prime lens and from there my camera has been a fixture in my life once again.

I think photography should be about telling a story.  And I’m here to do just that.  Here is the story of my life, starting with the day my passion for taking pictures was born again.

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