Letters to My Children | February 2014

Dear Children,

February has been a long month.  Not much outside play time, the weather has been snowy and cold.  When we have time, we will head over to the local pizza place that offers a play area and bouncy castles, or to the play area in the mall, but nothing is a substitute for the great outdoors.  We are all longing for the green grass of summer, the warm breezes and the extended days.  Instead, we get snow and more snow.:) Hopefully the weather will improve a bit and the area’s lakes will have some fish biting, because soon we are heading out to do some ice fishing.

Dear Son – This month marked the transition to the big boy bed.  We figured that since you were practically jumping out of your crib, it may be time to take down the rails.  😀  And even now with the toddler ‘daybed’, I think we may even need to move you over to a bigger bed soon!  You are almost done with naps too, we suspect.  While you still have naps at school, when you are at home, you sleep much better at night without one.

You are getting into watching sports on TV…although to you, everything is hockey…I wonder what that means?  You are the son of a Canadian, so I am sure it’s part genetics:)

Dear Daughter – we are getting ready to redecorate your bedroom!  You love your toddler bed and we know you don’t want to give it up, but you are much too big for it now.  Soon, we will take you to pick out a big girl bed:) You have already picked out your new bedding and we installed some cool, fun new lights in your room.  Soon it will all come together!

We are headed to AZ next month for some much needed family time, and you both can’t WAIT to fly on a plane and wear SHORTS!:)


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Canada wins GOLD in hockey!!



I love you to the moon and back


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