Letter to My Son – October 2013

Dear Son,

You keep telling me you want to be a “monster” for Halloween and I’m a bit concerned you will be vastly disappointed when you put on your “puppy doctor” costume.  I really thought you would be over the moon with it, since you have loved holding and helping to care for our litter of puppies.  I’m holding out till the very end though and we’ll see how much of a struggle it will be to coax you into some scrubs with puppy pictures on them.  I may be making a list minute trip to Target to find a toddler sized monster costume!

This month you also got to ride a pony for the first time.  We visited a friend’s farm and you enjoyed chasing the chickens and cats and petting the horses.  With all that room to roam, I think it would be your dream to live on a farm!  I really enjoy watching you discover new things.  Your eyes just light up when you realize you have just experienced something brand new.

I’ll Love You Forever,


Letters to My Children, Let

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