Letter to My Son – March 2013

Dear Son,

This month you moved up to the next class at pre-school.  You love being with the older kids and as a result you are talking a lot more!  The Teachers love having you and said you really enjoy playing outside and working on pre-school activities.  You also are counting to 10 this month!  (Sometimes you skip #4 😉 )

You and your sister have been really bonding.  I can tell you two will always be close.  You absolutely love being around her and playing with her.  It’s truly a joy to watch you both together.  Always take care of each other:)

This month we had a mommy and me date night.  You and I went out for supper and then a little bit of shopping. 😉  Of course you were more interested in playing “catch me” among the isles and racks of clothes, but as soon as we hit the toy section, you were more than happy to pick out a toy car and leave the store so you could open it.:)

You are really into reading books and you still enjoy playing games on the iPad:)

You have also requested a change to our nightly lullaby.  You have asked that I replace any word I can with ‘lion’.  So I have complied:)

Lullaby….and goodnight….lullaby little Lion….mommy’s here, mommy’s here….mommy’s here to say good night….



Mar252013_5706 Mar252013_5710

I am excited to be a part of “letters to our children” blog circle with other photographers and moms. We write monthly letters in honor of our children and hope you enjoy reading them with us. Please head over to my friend, Katie Gardner‘s blog for her monthly letter to her daughter.

March 30, 2013 - 11:22 am

jennburnett - Great letter Nicole! Love the car image :)

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