Letter to My Daughter – October 2013

Dear Daughter,

The fall color is beautiful, but fleeting.  This time of year we are picking out Halloween costumes, decorating for autumn and of course, visiting the “Patch” to pick out our annual pumpkin for carving!  We had the best intentions of going to the local one here, but as soon as we arrived, the wind picked up and it started raining.  We ran and grabbed the first pumpkin we saw and headed back home.  We had more success at the one by Grandma’s.

We also visited our friend’s farm one evening.  You have been begging to ride a horse and pet some chickens, and you got to do just that!  In the past you have been very hesitant to get up on a pony.  You want to so badly, but when it comes time, you get apprehensive and nervous.  But this time, you got right up on him and loved every minute!  You were so excited to wear your “horsey boots” too.  Such a fashionista.

Love you lots and lots and lots,


Letters to Children


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October 25, 2013 - 9:15 am

{a letter to my daughters} » k.gardner photography - […] I am so honored to be participating in this Letters to Our Children project with so many  talented photographers and moms.  These monthly letters and photographs are our way of honoring our special children and letting them know how much we cherish them.   Please follow the circle of links and visit the blog of the very talented Nicole. […]

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