Letter to My Daughter | November 2013

Dear Daughter,

We attended your first “Santa Parade” while we were visiting family in Canada.  It also happened to be the first snow of the season too.  Made for tricky driving, but we were armed with warm clothes and hot chocolate.  The snow was coming down light and fluffy and we got front row seats for the parade.  That whole weekend you played outside in the fresh snow.


You love playing with our new puppy.  I think you would carry him 24 hours a day if we would let you.  We are pretty sure he loves it though. 😉


In the next couple days we are off to see Santa and give him your wish list.  Your top gift request: My Little Pony toys.

Mommy’s top gift request: A Christmas photo of you and your brother I can use on a Christmas card.  😉

Letters to my children, santa parade, minot family photographer

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