Letter to my Children | May 2014

Dear Children,

We started our camping season this month and it couldn’t have been a nicer weekend.  We went with friends of ours up to Lake Metigoshe and had side by side camping spots.  You both loved having some friends to play with!  We got out the sprinkler, you played at the beach, rode bikes, went for ice cream and explored among the trees.

My dearest Daughter:  We attended several weeks of ‘kindergarten prep’ at your new school.  You were nervous about starting in the fall, but after you finished the first day of K-prep you were ready and excited to start this new adventure!  You met all the teachers and were able to experience each of the classrooms as well as the gym.  The programs they have lined up for the school year sound challenging and fun.  I am excited for you, but also sad that my baby girl is growing up so fast:(

You also participated in soccer this spring too.  And you scored your first goal! You had fun and enjoyed it, but some days the weather wasn’t too great.  All you girls battled through it though and had a great season!

My dearest Son:  You know where your sister’s new school is too! When we drive by, you recognize it right away.  You were able to attend a couple of the K-prep activities too, so now you are comfortable with where S is going in the fall.  You seem to understand she won’t be at YOUR daycare anymore, but hopefully the transition won’t be too hard.  I know you will miss her terribly:(

You are just itching to get out there and play sports…watching your sister play soccer was hard for you, I know you wanted to get out there and play with her.  And you could totally do it too.  You will be great at any sport you decide to play!  (You’ve got one heck of a strong kick there):)

I am looking forward to summer and all the joy and fun it will bring:)

Love you to the moon and back <3




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