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Valentines Day Session (gone wrong)

So this is what happens when my children are about DONE with getting their pictures taken.

MomTog is stressed because she paid for coordinating outfits for the session and knows there is limited time before she can get these images on cards and to the printers before VDay.  Kids are hopped up sugar (bribes for being ‘good’) and it’s raining/snowing outside, so outdoor pics are out of the question.  This is one of the “nicer” outtakes.  If you saw the other 75, you would know why a photographer’s most challenging subject is her own child(ren). 😀


Throw Back Thursday {December 2014}

I miss summer. Every year we head up north to the lake for a week and it’s the trip I look forward to the most all year. The kids swim in the pool and at the beach. We go on hikes and eat ice cream. Read books, play at the play ground and shop in the little summer town.
As winter starts to get a cold hard grip on us, I often think of summer and pull up some of my favorite images from that time:)

Letter to my Children | May 2014

Dear Children,

We started our camping season this month and it couldn’t have been a nicer weekend.  We went with friends of ours up to Lake Metigoshe and had side by side camping spots.  You both loved having some friends to play with!  We got out the sprinkler, you played at the beach, rode bikes, went for ice cream and explored among the trees.

My dearest Daughter:  We attended several weeks of ‘kindergarten prep’ at your new school.  You were nervous about starting in the fall, but after you finished the first day of K-prep you were ready and excited to start this new adventure!  You met all the teachers and were able to experience each of the classrooms as well as the gym.  The programs they have lined up for the school year sound challenging and fun.  I am excited for you, but also sad that my baby girl is growing up so fast:(

You also participated in soccer this spring too.  And you scored your first goal! You had fun and enjoyed it, but some days the weather wasn’t too great.  All you girls battled through it though and had a great season!

My dearest Son:  You know where your sister’s new school is too! When we drive by, you recognize it right away.  You were able to attend a couple of the K-prep activities too, so now you are comfortable with where S is going in the fall.  You seem to understand she won’t be at YOUR daycare anymore, but hopefully the transition won’t be too hard.  I know you will miss her terribly:(

You are just itching to get out there and play sports…watching your sister play soccer was hard for you, I know you wanted to get out there and play with her.  And you could totally do it too.  You will be great at any sport you decide to play!  (You’ve got one heck of a strong kick there):)

I am looking forward to summer and all the joy and fun it will bring:)

Love you to the moon and back <3




Letters to My Children | April 2014

Dear Children,

It seems like the wait for summer is taking forever.  Winter has lingered and spring seems non-existent.  The first weekend in April we went up to Canada to visit grandparents and they still had a LOT of snow.  We took your snow gear and a sled and you actually went sledding down a snow hill in their backyard!  The winter fair was that weekend, which is always something you look forward to.  Petting zoo, horses, Superdogs show and tractors!

The second weekend you stayed with another set of grandparents while we went on a little mini vacation.  You got to play with their dogs Max and Prudy and play lots outside and at the park.

Then came Easter weekend, where you got to stay home from preschool Friday AND Monday…you played with mommy and daddy, another set of grandparents came to visit, and the Easter bunny was here hiding tiny presents!  On Easter Sunday, we headed over to a friends house where you both were able to do a classic outside Easter Egg hunt and play with the other kids.

Miss {S}, you had your first soccer practice this week!  You loved it and now we look forward to your FIRST two games this weekend!  Grandma and grandpa from Canada are going to come watch.  Your brother really wanted to play too, so we kicked the ball around while you were practicing.

We’re gearing up for a busy summer…camping starts in just a few weeks, lets hope the weather starts turning around soon!

Love you both to the moon and back,



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Letters To My Children | March 2014

Dear Children,

You took your first plane ride in 3 years this month. The last time you both flew you were 1 and 3 so neither of you really remembered. We pretended the plane was “Dusty” from Disney’s “Plane’s” movie and you both thought that was pretty neat. We came prepared for the 3 hour flight with movies and games, but boredom still set in during hour 2. It’s tough when you can’t get up and run up and down the isle:)

Arizona was warm while we were there visiting your grandma and grandpa. You were excited to wear shorts! We played outside a lot, visited the pool almost every day and got to see super huge cactuses. We took a drive to the mountains to see an old ghost town and ride a train, have lunch at the lake and visited the zoo!

When we arrived back home to Minot, you couldn’t understand why we couldn’t wear shorts to school. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating (and probably won’t be for a couple more months yet):)

When we arrived home, another set of grandparents came to visit. Ms S got to skip an afternoon of Daycare and see a movie just with grandma! “Peabody and Sherman”.
And then the next day, you both got to leave daycare early to go to your favorite place in Minot: SplashDown! During the outing, Mr.B told grandma the ORANGE waterslide was the slow one for kids. Hmmm, not so much. Apparantly, it was the supersonic speed slide and grandma lost her glasses on the way down while trying to hold on to you. That will be a fun story to tell when you are older. I’m sure she won’t hold it against you though. 😀

I love you both to the moon and back,

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April 4, 2014 - 7:35 pm

Amanda - I love the photos Nicole! You did a great job, as always. Beautiful family.

April 2, 2014 - 4:45 pm

Jacqueline Mix - I love these images, Nicole!

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